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One of the most useful tools is to check in to their scheduled appointment, at any time on any device. They could arrive at your office and in the span of a just a few minutes check in on their smartphone, right in your waiting room. Your staff is alerted to their presence, they can pay any outstanding amount, sign your practice forms, update their information and even enter their history.

Here’s how to check in online to their scheduled Appointment.

Step 1: Log in to From the home page, click the Appointment Check-in navigation tile.

Appointment Check-in - YourHealthFile

Step 2:  Begin Appointment Check In. After the appointment check-in process has begun, the Appointment Check-in Process wizard displays in the header on every page until you complete the check-in process. Use the wizard to quickly step through the entire process.

Step 3: Select Appointment. Select today’s appointment and click “Check In

Step 4: Review Medical Record. When the patient reviews or updates any of the following areas (reviewed areas turn grey), they are automatically added to the patient’s encounter summary in the EHR:

  • Family history
  • Medical history
  • Surgical history
  • Social history
  • Immunizations

Step 5: Complete Check In.

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